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  • Happiness in This Life: A Passionate Meditation on Earthly Existence


    Author: Pope Francesco Translated by ANZAI Natsuko
    Published by KADOKAWA
    Specifications: Paper size book, 320 pages, ¥ 1,600 + tax, on sale
    ISBN 9784041086216

    The first pope in Vatican history to be from the Jesuits, born in Latin America and an author he has gained worldwide attention as an innovative pope promoting Vatican reform. This book is a collection of lectures about love and peace, as well as pure happiness that lies beyond suffering while reflecting on refugee issues, environmental issues, and excessive capitalism.
    Commentary by WAKAMATSU Eisuke

  • “Heritage Recipes for Pope Francis”

    Author: NAKAMURA Reiko Translated by KOMATSUBARA Kumiko
    Published by KADOKAWA
    Specifications: Book 352 pages Price 3,200 yen + tax, on sale
    ISBN 9784041087190

    Pope Francesco visits 45 countries and regions around the world. This book consists of messages during the travels, dining tables filled with smiles, and recipes from the ambassadors of each receiving country. Written by the wife of the Vatican Ambassador with prayers for the power of “food” that goes beyond division.

    Heritage Recipes for Pope Francis
  • Pope


    Author: TAKESHITA Setsuko
    Published by KADOKAWA
    Specifications: Paperback edition, 272 pages ¥ 800 yen + tax, on sale
    ISBN 9784044005207

    This book pursues the history and the present of the Pope, the leader of more than 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, who is an important figure in politics, diplomacy, and peace. It is a pleasant book which helps to give a viewpoint ofthe Catholic culture underlying Western culture to better understand the international community.


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